Teneycke quits Quebecor Media

Former Harper aide says he resigned because his involvement would be detrimental to "Fox News North"

Quebecor VP Kory Teneycke, the main advocate behind the proposed launch of Sun TV News, has announced his resignation. Teneycke, the former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says he quit because his involvement in Sun TV News would only “inflame” the controversy over the channel, which has otherwise been derided as “Fox News North.” Teneycke will be replaced by Luc Lavoie, a former aide to Brian Mulroney. “Part of leading a team is knowing when your presence is a detriment to its success,” he said, “and while I am intensely passionate about this project, it has never been about a political crusade, and it’s never been about me.” He also noted that his resignation was not over a U.S.-based advocacy group’s request to investigate the persons responsible for “fraudulent” signatures on the group’s online petition to “Stop Fox News North”.

Vancouver Sun