Texas Rep. shouted "baby killer!" during health care debate

Clarifies he meant the bill, not Rep. Bart Stupak

During the debate over the U.S. health-care bill, an unidentified person was heard yelling “baby killer!” at Rep. Bart Stupak, a pro-life Democrat who made a last-minute deal to vote for the bill. The shouter has now been identified as Randy Neugebauer, a Texas Republican. In a statement, Neugebauer said that he was not referring to Stupak as a baby killer but rather saying that the bill itself is a baby killer due to the “tragic consequences it will have for the unborn.” However, Neugebauer has apologized to Stupak for his “inappropriate” remark. Neugebauer is also a sponsor of a bill that would require President Obama to release his birth certificate.

Talking Points Memo

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