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“That’s discrimination!”

Editing of his racy American Music Awards performance reflects “double standard” says Adam Lambert


Does the outcry about Adam Lambert’s sexually explicit rendition of For Your Entertainment at the American Music Awards reflect a double standard? The Los Angeles Times music blog “Hiss & Miss” reports it was deluged with complaints about the American Idol winner’s performance, which brought the ABC program to an end with theatrical images of sexual slavery. One reader declared the telecast should have been rated “PG-14,” another that she had to cover the eyes of her 10-year-old daughter. Yet there was no complaint when Carrie Underwood, another American Idol, appeared in a “pants-less outfit” in a decidedly tamer performance. “It’s too bad that people are so scared,” the openly gay singer claimed. “If it’s gonna be edited, then in a way that’s discrimination. I don’t mean to get political, but Madonna, Britney and Christina weren’t edited. It’s a shame. Female entertainers have been risqué for years. Honestly, there’s a huge double standard.”

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