The boss was (allegedly) not amused

Jacques Nadeau must have a great sense of humour. How else would the journalist, press attaché and forest fire expert (you can’t make this stuff up) get in with Prenez Garde Aux Chiens, the cheeky young things who during the federal election pilloried Justin Trudeau in an uproariously funny spoof?

Granted, his role in this little ditty is limited to a few uttered lines of joual, and the sketch itself drags on a little too long. His appearance is nonetheless funny for two reasons: 1) it makes light of Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois’ sometimes-terrible, usually-execrable English, as well as her huge bugger of a mansion/castle on Ile Bizard; and 2) Jacques Nadeau is now a candidate for the PQ, which makes Pauline Marois his boss. The video is all over the internet, and has caught the attention of PQ brass, who according to a report in Le Soleil are none too pleased with the omnipresent example of Mr. Nadeau’s insubordination. Curse you to Hades, World Wide Web!

But wait, there’s more! After allegedly issuing a letter of demand, uhh, demanding that the sketch be removed, the péquistes said there was no such alleged letter at all; rather, they say the whole thing was just a big alleged misunderstanding, and that everyone should go back to what they were allegedly doing. More fun after this alleged jump.

According to David Lemelin, Prenez Garde’s big cheese, the péquiste issued him an ultimatum: take down the skit, which has been around for over a year, or else. Or else what? Or else Mr. Nadeau might lose the PQ candidature for the riding of Montmorency. “They told me that if I didn’t take it down, Jacques would no longer be a candidate,” Lemelin told Le Soleil.

Mr. Nadeau retained his candidacy regardless, and someone from Marois’ team called him to say that, ha! ha!, there was no ultimatum. It’s all good. We were just kidding. Just don’t make fun of the boss anymore, m’kay?

So all’s allegedly well, then. In a strange twist, Lemelin himself is a journalist at Le Soleil, a newspaper owned by Gesca, the Quebec media monolith wholly owned by Power Corporation, which is run by just the type of pro-Canada federalist big money boogeyman his group would (ordinarily) make fun of. Methinks he’ll remain a slight more discreet than Nadeau, though.

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