The Boys in the Band -

The Boys in the Band

Wooden shoes and Oom Pah Pah versions of classic 60’s hits


One of the things that VANOC has spent a lot of time thinking about is the atmosphere at its competition venues. Not just the look, but the feel. And the first impression at the Richmond Oval is that they’ve nailed it.

Speed skating is to the Netherlands what hockey is to Canada. And the crowd assembled here today to watch the first race of the Games—the men’s 5000m—is overwhelmingly Dutch. (Sven Kramer is the favourite to top the podium which would be the Netherlands 25th speed skating gold. In their Winter Olympic history 75 of the country’s 78 medals have come in this one sport.) The stands are awash with orange. It looks like a chain gang convention.

So how do you entertain a crowd of cowbell thumping, Heineken-fueled Dutchmen and women? With these guys.

Wooden shoes and brass band versions of “Windy” and “Proud Mary.” Win.