The cruelest Fox reality show ever

Real-life employees decide who among them will get the axe

The rotten economy has inspired the ultimate layoff reality show: Someone’s Gotta Go, on which real-life employees decide who among them will get the axe, Variety reports. Billed as Survivor meets The Office, the program will air on the Fox network in the late summer or early fall. Each episode revolves around a different small business employing between 15 and 20 people forced to cut staff because of the economy. Employees are given access to company books, learn what co-workers make and what’s in their human resources files. They’ll also get an opportunity to say, face to face, what they really think of one another.   As for employees who might not want their termination to be quite so public, well, they’re out of luck, says one of the series’ creators: “We’ve consulted with labor attorneys and have covered all of our bases,” he says. “We’ve got an employment expert and business consultant to work with us through this process. There is a professional involved that brings the show an element of credibility.”


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