The Daily Mail's killer source

The Daily Mail's rigourous journalistic standards are applied to Khadir's contentious comments on the royal visit

The Daily Mail is all a-titter about Amir Khadir’s bon mots about the impending visit of Prince Willy and bonnie Kate to Quebec. It’s a tabloidy piece that’s cute in a race-baiting sort of way—they make sure to mention Khadir is ‘Iranian born’ in the headline—but my favourite part is how, to illustrate the complicated politics that play out between Quebec and the rest of the country, the paper combed the pages of the National Post website for the mother of all knowledgable sources: the anonymous commenter.

‘l’ll be ready to welcome them to Calgary. As for Quebec, the less said the better with those constant leeches on the rest of Canada.’

What? Lorne Gunter wasn’t available?

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