The deal of a lifetime

Hit the car dealerships now before the fall inventories arrive

Like vultures picking at a dead carcass, shoppers have been trolling auto dealerships for big bargains. One buyers tells the Washington Post he saved $9,000 on a brand new Chrysler Town and Country minivan. “I tried to
counteroffer $30,000. [The salesman] wouldn’t go for it. He said, ‘Man, I’m already losing money on it.’ ” As car makers offer these huge incentives, sales have been on the rise—still well below last year’s levels, but good
enough to surprise analysts. According to, the average discount on a new car is almost $5,000. That’s bad news for dealers though, who are losing close to $1,000 on every car they sell, and looking to used car sales to try and scrape out some profit. But if you’re in the market for a new car, act soon. The deals will likely end by this fall, after car dealers have cleared out their excess inventories.

The Washington Post