The Debbie Downer of D.C.

Dick Cheney says another catastrophic terror attack awaits the U.S.

Dick Cheney just can’t stop worrying about terrorists. In an interview with Politico, the former VP warned the U.S. is highly susceptible to a nuclear or biological attack in the coming years. And Obama’s election victory, according to Cheney, only serves to increase that risk. “Whether or not [the terrorists] can pull it off,” Cheney said, “depends whether or not we keep in place policies that have allowed us to defeat all further attempts, since 9/11, to launch mass-casualty attacks against the United States.”  In defense of Guantanamo, Cheney called it as a “first-class program,” and claimed the Obama administration’s decision to shut down the controversial prison would put Americans in harm’s way. “If you release the hard-core Al Qaeda terrorists that are held at Guantanamo,” he said, “I think they go back into the business of trying to kill more Americans and mount further mass-casualty attacks.”