Cmdr. Chris Hadfield's special delivery -

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield’s special delivery

Care package c/o the ISS: Fruit, notes from friends, peanut butter


‘The Dragon is ours!’ Supply ship arrives at International Space Station

A space capsule carrying one ton of supplies arrived at the International Space Station this morning — a day late after it got off to a bumpy start on Friday.

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Included among the packed items for the six men on the space station, the Associated Press reports:  “640 seeds of a flowering weed used for research, mouse stem cells, food and clothes, trash bags, computer equipment, air purifiers, spacewalking tools and batteries.”
Good Morning, Earth! Our crew wishes @SpaceX full success in launching Dragon today! We’re very ready to grab it with Canadarm2 tomorrow.Chris Hadfield
Sun rises over @SpaceX’s launch pad, Falcon 9 and #Dragon ready to go to space
SpaceX launch at 10:10am EST today. Will deliver cargo to ISS. Watch it live at R. Hansen
LIFTOFF of Falcon 9 and #Dragon to the International Space Station
Relive today’s #Dragon launch [PHOTOS]
SpaceX employees watch Falcon 9 & #Dragon liftoff from @SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne, California
Just want to say thanks to @NASA for being the world’s coolest customer. Looking forward to delivering the goods!Elon Musk
Far behind us in the distance we spotted a Dragon roaring up through the clouds, coming to catch us. Amazing. Hadfield
The Dragon resupply spaceship is 7 km above ISS and 2850 km in front, her problems fixed. Re-planning the rendezvous and grapple schedule.Chris Hadfield
A Dragon approaches over sub-Saharan Africa – surreal juxtaposition. Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield poses with #Dragon last spring @NASA @SpaceXCanadianSpaceAgency
Good Morning, Earth! Time to catch a Dragon. We’ll grab it with Canadarm2 in about 5 hours, then go into its belly & see what it brought us.Chris Hadfield
#Dragon capture is confirmed at 2:31am PT
Just caught sight of the Dragon spaceship, crisply white against the horizon, sneaking up on us from behind. We’re readying to grapple.Chris Hadfield
Dragon comes into view – first sight this morning, sneaking up on us from behind the Progress solar array. Hadfield
Canadarm2, proud builder of the International Space Station, in preparation for the successful grabbing of a Dragon. Hadfield
.@SpaceX #Dragon at planned 30-meter hold point beneath #ISS. GO to proceed to a final hold point of 10 meters
#Dragon is GO for station capture!SpaceX
"The vehicle’s beautiful, space is beautiful, and the #Canadarm2 is beautiful too" -Exp 34 Comm Kevin Ford #Dragon
The Dragon spaceship high over Mount Etna – both spitting fire. Hadfield
Like a Praying Mantis, Canadarm2 poised to reach out and grab Dragon. Hadfield
The Dragon is ours! Maneuvering it now on Canadarm2 to a docking port, will open hatches once secure. Look forward to new smells. Great!Chris Hadfield
Happy crewmember – Dragon securely snared by Canadarm2, ready to be lifted around, hooked into place, and opened up. Hadfield
What a day! Reached & grabbed a Dragon, berthed her to Station & opened the hatch to find fresh fruit, notes from friends, and peanut butterChris Hadfield
Success! Canadarm2 holds Dragon by the nose, to drag it up and hook it on to a Station hatch. Hadfield
Tonight’s Finale: A Dragon, snared and tamed by Canadarm2. Saint George ringing in a new era in the silence of space. Hadfield
Good Morning, Earth! Today: unload Dragon, fitness test, sample waste water, set up new Coarsening in Solid-Liquid Mixtures experiment.Chris Hadfield

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