The impact of Alberta’s oil sands

A member of Canada’s Mikisew Cree indigenous First Nation wants the ear of British oil companies, goes to the London press

In a recent article published in the Guardian, George Poitras, a member of Mikisew Cree indigenous First Nation, suggests that the activities of British oil companies in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, have severely affected the health of members in his community and the local environment. According to Poitras, the levels of metals like mercury, arsenic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in their water and sediment are very high, and as a result there are higher levels of cancers among indigenous residents in the region. The air quality in the region is also worse than other geographic regions in Canada, and acid rain is greater than in other communities. With this in mind, Poitras is travelling to London this week for the Camp for Climate Action with the hope of creating an international movement for a complete tar sands moratorium. He also hopes to persuade the British government, national oil companies and financial institutions to get out of the Alberta’s oil sands business.

The Guardian