The Kindle goes global (Updated)

Amazon’s e-reader will work in over 100 countries after Oct. 19

Amazon announced it was introducing a new version of its Kindle e-book reader that can wirelessly download books in the United States and more than 100 countries. The new device is physically similar to the previous Kindle with a six-inch display, but will be capable of downloading books and periodicals via wireless networks belonging to AT&T and its international partners. International customers will have access to about 220,000 book titles at Amazon’s Kindle Store compared with the 350,000 titles available to U.S. customers. Forrester Research expects Amazon’s Kindle to command about 60 per cent of the e-reader market in 2009, compared with 35 per cent for Sony’s Reader.

Update: It appears Canadians hoping to get their hands on Amazon’s popular Kindle will have to wait a little while longer. According to a company representative, Amazon is “working hard” on getting Kindles distributed around the globe, “but at this time we are not able to ship to Canada.”

The Globe and Mail

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