The last word (for now) on Ford

Twitter responds to the day at Toronto City Hall

Twitter reacts to Rob Ford’s bad day

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Social media got a blast of Rob Ford news today. After a judge ruled against Toronto’s mayor in a conflict of interest case, Twitter was abuzz Monday morning after learning Ford will be removed from city council.
PHOTO: #RobFord arrives at City Hall after judge ordered him out of office today. By @Taralynwalton. #TOpoli Star
Yesterday Giorgio Mammoliti was part of Rob Ford’s executive committee. Tonight he’s ripping him on CityTV. Politics is a dirty game. #fordSid Seixeiro
The judge said that Ford has 14 days left in office at which point his seat will become vacant, though Ford has said he plans to appeal. Appeal or not, many who disagree with Ford Nation found time to celebrate.Twitter was alive with those happy that the mayor who removed bike lanes and skipped council meetings for football practices is finally on the way out.
With Rob Ford gone, it’s time for bike lanes, bike lanes, bike lanes! #biketoCycle Toronto
24 hours after winning the Grey Cup the city of Toronto decided to fire it’s football coach. #fordSid Seixeiro
#robford is gone. Finally, a reason to drink.Billy English
Since Rob Ford has 14 days left as mayor, I’m hoping he still scrums at the toy drive launch at 1, with the honorary elves.Daniel Dale
Doug Ford: "Rob Ford is as honest as the day is long." Probably not the best endorsement given the 4:45pm sunset nowadays.Gurdeep Ahluwalia
The story of Rob Ford, tweedledum the mayor of Toronto & brother Doug, tweedletee. Deadboy’s stencil is on. #toronto Art Showcase
Rob Ford is no longer mayor or Toronto. The laughter … is dead.Bruce Arthur
Breaking : Rob Ford to create football charity for unemployed mayors. #cdnpoli #fakenewsBeari8it
To be fair to Rob Ford, it isn’t easy being mayor, especially when you are completely unqualified.Trevor Battle
Shame on Rob Ford and the left wing media. How dare they overshadow the #Argos Grey Cup victory. Je suis tres pissed off.Eric Rosenhek
Re: Rob Ford — I’m really confused what part of the COI laws politicians don’t understand. It’s not as complicated as many complain.John Shewchuk
I told my son Rob Ford was fired. He asked "From mayor or football coach?"Stephen Marche
With Rob Ford out, the Toronto Star will now be half the size of what it was during his reign.Brendan Ritchie
People are hating way too hard on Rob Ford #shameonyoußrіttαny
Not all were happy with the decision, however. Only two years ago Ford was voted by the people to be Toronto’s mayor and many felt ousting him from office over $3,150 for a kids football team was too harsh.
Rob Ford loses job for using City of Toronto letterhead for highschool football team donations. A little extreme?Paul H
Rob Ford caught on a technicality. Judge Hackland’s decision was a travesty. The whole day has been a farce! #FordDecision #ToPoli @CP24Ryan Endoh
Please! Was what happened to Mayor Rob Ford fair, HECK NO! Arrogant or not!!!! That judge needs to be unbenched for ruling so politically!!!Curtis Bernard
636 people signed on to the SUPPORT ROB FORD PETITION! Everybody get on board! #ToPoli @CP24 The ruling made no sense!Ryan Endoh
As far as I can tell Rob Ford got himself booted for being an idiot. Good cause, football for kids, but now he has destroyed his good work.Logan Gamble
Honestly , I think rob ford is a good man .. My brother played for that football team and they enjoyed every min of it #robfordR✨
Regardless of future outcomes, Rob Ford’s Legacy will continue to burn brightly, and his impact will be long lasting! #ToPoliRyan Endoh
To those suggesting the punishment for Rob Ford should fit the crime, it does.James Koole
The Ford decision demonstrates precisely why mandatory minimum penalties are wrong. I hope conservatives notice. Gardner
Imma let you finish Toronto, but Montreal had the best corrupt mayor scandal of all time #TOpoli #cdnpoliDan
Ford, meanwhile, has other things to worry about. While the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup on Sunday, the team football team that the mayor coaches, the Don Bosco Eagles, are in the Metro Bowl on Tuesday.
Life goes on: Rob Ford with Don #Bosco team kicking up spirit this aft a day ahead of Metro Bowl @CP24 #TOpoli Smyth
PIC: Rob #Ford leaves Don Bosco Catholic S.S after football practice in Etobicoke. #Toronto #topoli Cohn

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