The Liberals are doomed -

The Liberals are doomed

Janine Krieber lashes out at the party’s “elites from Toronto”


The latest salvo in the federal Liberals’ seemingly endless internecine war was launched by Janine Krieber over the weekend when she posted an open letter on her Facebook page saying once-dominant party is at death’s door. “The Liberal party is in a free fall, and it won’t recover,” the wife of ex-leader Stéphane Dion writes. “Like all the liberal parties in Europe, it will become a poor little thing at the mercy of ephemeral coalitions.” According to Krieber, her husband was more than willing to “take all the time and the hits to rebuild the party” in wake of Paul Martin’s shabby treatment of Jean Chrétien—that is, had “the elites of Toronto” not gotten in his way and foisted Michael Ignatieff onto the party. The end result, Krieber notes, has seen it suffer yet another steep drop in popularity, even further down from where the party was under Dion. “They couldn’t accept 26 per cent,” she writes, “now we’re at 23 per cent.”

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