The man who gave the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign $10,000

"I’m not a superfan," says Steven Dengler

Veronica Mars fans really, really, like Veronica Mars.

That is what the world learned after a Kickstarter campaign aiming to fund a Veronica Mars movie met its $2-million fundraising goal in less than 24 hours.

But if there is a No. 1 Veronica Mars fan, it might be Steven Dengler, who coughed up $10,000 to see the television program about a girl detective make it to the big screen.

Dengler is modest about his level of fan-dom, however. “I’m not a superfan in the sense of knowing every line from every episode or anything like that,” he told Entertainment Weekly  in an interview. “In fact, if you put me in with your average group of superfans, I’d probably get bounced pretty quickly… I would call myself a small-f ‘fan’ of the series.”

The wealthy tech entrepreneur, however, told Entertainment Weekly that he is a superfan of crowdfunding and philanthropy.

For his generous donation, not only will Dengler get to see a Veronica Mars film, he’ll also get a speaking role in the Veronica Mars move. If he wants it. He speculates that he might be too busy with work to appear.