The man who lost the Grey Cup

Saskatchewan Roughriders’ linebacker Sean Lucas was the extra player on the field (maybe)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost the 97th Grey Cup because someone wearing a green jersey was on the field when he should have been on the sidelines. The now-infamous extra-man penalty gave the Montreal Alouettes a second chance to boot a game-winning field goal—and the kicker didn’t miss. But who was the 13th man who broke the hearts of Rider Nation? That’s still not exactly clear. Fingers quickly pointed at Jason Armstead, the Saskatchewan receiver who was in the end zone when Damon Duval missed kick number one. (Why, after all, would the Riders—desperate to block the field goal attempt—waste a player in the end zone when an extra body would have come in handy on the line of scrimmage?) In the Monday papers, many reporters simply assumed Armstead was the goat. They were wrong. According to numerous reports this morning, the extra man was actually all-star linebacker Sean Lucas. When asked to confirm his mistake, Lucas would only say: “We just had too many men on the field.”

CanWest News Service

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