The most cringe-inducing ad that side of the Atlantic

About a month ago, I took in a movie in Paris and before the previews, there was an advertisement (in French, of course) for Orangina that nearly busted my brain. Truly, is was the sort of experience where you’re looking around, wondering if anyone else just saw that. I don’t know how else to explain the ad—for an orange soda popular among kids, no less— but as a sort of salsa-burlesque number performed by twistedly anthropomorphized zoo animals. It has flamingos pole-dancing. A bear in a loin cloth. And a creepy Flashdance homage.

As Broadsheet points out today, this ad has become a source of some controversy in Britain, where an English version now appears. Yes, I know the company is probably thrilled.

But surely PETA will be pissed.

Click here to watch it. Keep a bucket handy.

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