The mountains (of garbage) come crumbling down

Toronto welcomes first ‘garbage day’ in six weeks

Torontonians will finally be able to empty their backyards and garages of the garbage that has been accumulating since June 22—when two city unions walked off the job, initiating a six-week long garbage strike. Tuesday marks Toronto’s first official ‘garbage day’ since the strike began. City workers have been tackling the mountains of garbage piled up at temporary public dump sites since Friday, and now they’re finally turning their attention to residential trash. Geoff Rathbone, Toronto’s manager of solid waste, expects the clean up to be carried out without a hitch. “For the next four weeks we’ll be taking unlimited amounts of waste and recycling without any special tags or no concerns about overflow. However, should we be unable to finish any particular route we would ask that residents simply leave their garbage and recycling at the curb and allow us to collect it the next day.” The city’s 5,000 street level garbage bins have already been cleared.

CBC News