The prime minister's is 'the only job I'm after' -

The prime minister’s is ‘the only job I’m after’

Ignatieff denies report he’s pondering a move back to academia


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has forcefully denied a Toronto Star report claiming he is considering leaving politics to return to the academic world. “Do I look like someone who is campaigning for any other job than to be prime minister of the country?” Ignatieff said on the third day of his summer-long bus tour of Canada. “I’m having fun. I’m enjoying myself. This is the only job I’m after. This is the only job I’m seeking.” Citing unnamed sources “in both political and academic circles [who] say overtures were informal,” the report alleged Ignatieff could leave the Liberals to replace Janice Gross Stein as head of the University of Toronto’s prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs. But Ignatieff says there’s no truth whatsoever to the speculation: “[Star columnist] Jim Travers is a good journalist, but he’s starting to write fiction here … I really don’t know where he got it from.”

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