The Putin pen is mightier than the . . .

Russian PM muses about being a hatchet man in first ever column

Titled “Why it’s hard to fire people,” Vladimir Putin uses his article to explain what he calls a fair and personal method for axing his staff. He also uses it to admit that there was bureaucratic chaos surrounding his eight years in office as president, saying “if I hadn’t interfered in certain situations, in Russia there would long ago ceased to have been a government.” Although not confirmed, many analysts have said there was a power struggle between liberals and conservative former KGB officers in government, one Putin may have prevented from erupting into all out war. When it comes to actually canning someone, Putin recommends only firing for reasonable grounds, facing people one-on-one, and allowing them to plead their case. This article comes after a year of the former Russian president expanding and exercising his extra-curricular interests, from practicing painting, singing, and skiing to demonstrating his expertise in Judo.

The Independent

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