The sandwich generation -

The sandwich generation

Prince Charles already overshadowed by his mother and by his heir


Prince Charles might be Britain’s longest serving king-in-waiting, but even as he starts an 11-day visit of Canada with wife Camilla, the duchess of Cornwall, he’s in danger of being overshadowed by his son and heir, this time with help from his own mother, and sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II. Instead of concentrating on Charles’s visit to Canada, today’s British papers were full of the announcement that Prince William, 27, has been given his first official overseas assignment—representing his grandmother on a short visit to New Zealand and Australia. He’ll do official duties in Kiwi-land then go to Australia for a private visit, financed by the Queen herself, which will allow William to acquaint himself with the increasingly republican nation. Charles, on the other hand, is a much tougher sell than his young, single and handsome son. He’s a 60-year-old who’s interested in earnest but boring topics like architecture and the environment. He’s the ultimate sandwich generation—having to help out mum with boring ceremonies like investitures, yet watching his children grab all the fun assignments. At least he’ll be the centre of attention while here in Canada. Unless Camilla does something or wears something that wipes him off the front page.

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