The Sword of Nanoscles is right above our heads (33/29/20/7/10) -

The Sword of Nanoscles is right above our heads (33/29/20/7/10)


Or – wait, I can’t tell – is that actually Foucault’s pendulum? Hopefully, the regional breakdowns will help.

Conservatives: 33 (-)

Liberals: 29 (-)

NDP: 20 (-)

Greens: 7 (-)

Bloc Quebecois: 10 (-1)

Undecided: 14 (-1)

Bonus interestingness:

A tasty little appetizer on why we vote the way we do, which finds that 27% of Canadians say they’re voting for “the party that can best manage the economy”, closely followed by 26% who choose a party “with views like me”, 16% who are voting “to stop the Conservatives from getting elected”, 13% for the “strongest party leader” and just 11% who “always vote for the same party.” Oh, and 6% who are “unsure”.  

UPDATE: Since it’s all status quo-y, a few notes on what has changed in the regional breakdowns:  

  • The zany moodswings amongst Atlanteans continue to rage through the numbers – Tories down six from yesterday, Liberals up and NDP down eight – and the Greens up four. (Watch out, Defence Minister, she’s coming for you!) 
  • Over in Quebec, the Conservatives are back in the teens at 19 – down one point from yesterday – as are the Liberals, who plummeted two whole points, and are now tied with the Tories. Meanwhile, the NDP is nipping at their collective heels, with 17 – four points up from yesterday – and the Bloc slides to 42 from 45. The Greens, on the other hand, don’t seem to be making much headway, boasting a modest one point rise from two to three.  
  • In Ontario, the Tories are in stable but critical condition at 28, 11 points behind the Liberals, who are down one from yesterday at 39, and the NDP soars to 23 from … 22. (Work with me here, people.)  Oh, and the Greens? Up one and sitting at 11. Double digits! Whoo! 
  • Finally, in Western Canada, the Tories now command an impressive 50% level of support – oh, Alberta, you’ll always be true – with the Liberals in second place at 26%, and the NDP at 18, and the Greens are down three points to six.