They like us, they really like us

More than half the world would love to move to Canada: survey

More than half of people around the world say they would abandon their homelands and move to Canada if they could, according to an international survey commissioned by the Historica-Dominion Institute in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs and the Aurea Foundation. Fifty-three per cent of adults in the world’s 24 leading economies said they would immigrate to Canada. The reason? Canadian’s positive attitudes about newcomers, and our dearth of anti-immigration parties—which most European countries have. Eighty-six per cent of respondents said Canada is a country where rights and freedoms are respected; 72 per cent said Canada is welcoming to immigrants; 79 per cent said Canadians are tolerant of people from different racial and cultural backgrounds; and 79 per cent said Canadians have one of the best qualities of life. “Canada is considered desirable for people all around the world,” said Andrew Cohen, president of the Historica-Dominion Institute. This survey suggests Canada may lead the way in the global talent wars. “The shining city on the hill, as America was, and remains, for many people.”

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