They read us! They actually (maybe) read us!





Now, far be it from any Maudit Anglais to presume that we are read by anyone other than the usual miscreants, bottom feeders, pant-suited losers and/or our parents. But some coincidences are too delicious to ignore.

Two weeks ago, in those heady days when decrying anyone succumbing to the temptations of the socialists and the separatists didn’t make you sound like a hypocritical twit, we here at DMA posted a light hearted ribbing of the Conservative’s “CPC Energy”,  the party’s rather pathetic go-get-the-university-vote initiative. “[A] cliché of edgy fonts and out-there lingo,” we humbly said, before going back to the ashram to meditate.

Lo’ and behold, poof! The face of the intiative, a  frizzy-haired, lobotomized-looking university student, has disappeared from the site–presumably to eat Kraft Dinner and chug bong water, or something. In his place, the pleasant, hairless mug of noted old white guy Mike Duffy, who wants to poll you on taxes and arctic sovereignty. Ah, that’s the Conservatives we know and love.

Another couple of things: if you’re sort-of campaign slogan is “Michael Ignatieff: It’s Not About You. It’s Just About Him.”, it’s pretty rich that your entire site page is devoted to… Michael Ignatieff. Laureen and the kids have been pushed to the margins in favour of Ignatieff’s huge mug. (It’s somehow bigger than Duffy’s, which is a feat indeed.)

Also, please and thank you: when quoting Maclean’s on your website (with no link to the actual story, we might add), kindly spell the name of the magazine correctly, apostrophe and all.

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