Think your life sucks? Here are some websites for you!

Self-pity rules online

The success of a French self-pity website launched last year has created a boom in internet forums aimed “les serial losers,” reports the Telegraph. On (or Life is S**t), one of France’s top ten visited websites, visitors are encouraged to share their hard luck stories and take solace in others’ misery. In January, its two founders exported the concept to the U.S. with a version called F***MyLife, which attracts a million people a day. Dubbed “Twitter for losers,” both sites invite users to vent their misfortunes in a few words, the bleaker the better, such as this sad tale: “Today, I passed by a small shop and decided to go in to look at the jeans. Before I could even step in, the shop owner told me expressionlessly, ‘All the sizes here are too small for you’.