This is the week that was -

This is the week that was

The last seven days reviewed


Justin Trudeau tried to solve the Senate. Marc Garneau questioned Mr. Trudeau’s readiness to lead and mocked him via Twitter. And the Liberals argued with each other in Mississauga.

John Duncan resigned and the New Democrats applauded his willingness to do so. President Obama called on Congress to pursue cap-and-trade. Joe Oliver didn’t definitively rule out doing likewise. Greg Rickford misremembered the 2008 election. Pat Martin worried about zombies. At the behest of a Liberal motion, the House seemed ready to launch committee hearings into violence against Aboriginal women. The Conservatives held their lead for another month. Rodger Cuzner was unimpressed with Tony Clement. Brian Toderian proposed a minister of cities. Hugh Segal proposed a referendum on the Senate. Brent Rathgeber considered his role as an MP. Kennedy Stewart proposed new ways to petition Parliament.

John Geddes looked at Marc Garneau’s turn for the feisty and considered the demise of John Duncan’s ministerial career. Paul Wells reviewed the State of the Union and considered the Prime Minister’s approach to the Senate. Jesse Brown considered the demise of C-30. And this week had two sketches.