Three involved in 2003 bombing in India will be hanged

Death penalty rarely used in India

On Thursday, an Indian court ruled that the woman and two men convicted of bombing attacks in Mumbai in 2003 will be executed by hanging. Over 50 people died and 200 were wounded in August 2003 when bombs in taxis exploded in downtown Mumbai and in a crowded shopping district. The bombing has been linked to the Pakistani militant group also blamed for the attacks last November in Mumbai that left 160 dead. “We are happy that we have shown that people responsible for acts of terror will be punished in a befitting manner,” said chief prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam. The sentence is a “message to people who indulge in terrorism that the law will not spare them if they commit such barbarous acts.” While legal, the death penalty in India is rarely used. The three plan to appeal the sentence to the Bombay High Court.

The New York Times