Three Things

1. I saw Dead Snow last night. Hard to resist a movie about Norwegian med students getting hunted by Nazi zombies. It was ok, but it couldn’t decide what sort of movie it wanted to be. It started out as a Scream-ish ironic horror flick (complete with one character pointing out that lots of horror movies start with young people going to a cabin in the mountains). Then it turned into a Werewolf-in-London-style horror comedy, which is very hard to do well. Then the last twenty minutes was an ultra-slapstick bloodbath, like Shawn of the Dead.

I didn’t love it, but the crowd gave it a big cheer at the end. It’s on again tonight at the Mayfair.

2. Authenticity watch? Gunfire  outside a Jay-Z concert in Edmonton

3. Authenticity watch: The French.

The WSJ checks in with the latest from France’s General Commission of Terminology and Neology, which is always good for insight into just how excellent the French are. This story focuses on the Commission’s efforts to keep up with the internet, and find approved translations of terms such as “cloud computing”.

After 18 months, the 20-person team came up with “informatique en nuage,” but it was rejected by the Commission. So they’ll go back to the drawing board. Read the whole piece.

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