Three Tory MPs ask RCMP to investigate some abortions as homicides -

Three Tory MPs ask RCMP to investigate some abortions as homicides


Three Conservative members of Parliament want the RCMP to investigate any abortions performed after 19 weeks in Canada as possible homicides.

The MPs from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario make the request on House of Commons letterhead to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

They say abortions performed at 20 weeks gestation or later breach Section 223 (2) of the Criminal Code and must be investigated as “possible murders.”

“These incidents that need investigating took place across Canada,” reads the letter, dated Jan. 23. “I look forward to your expeditious confirmation that you have commenced an investigation.”

The letter is signed by MPs Maurice Vellacott of Saskatoon-Wanuskwein, Leon Benoit of Vegreville-Wainwright and Wladyslaw Lizon of Mississauga East-Cooksville.

Officials at RCMP national headquarters in Ottawa were not immediately available for comment.

On Monday, Rona Ambrose, minister for the status of women, told the Commons that Canadians don’t want to revisit the abortion debate.

She made the comments on the 25th anniversary of a Supreme Court decision in 1988 that declared the country’s ban on abortion was a violation of women’s rights.

In their letter, the MPs wrote that between 2000 and 2009 there were 491 abortions performed on Canadian women who were pregnant for longer than 19 weeks. They contend that at this stage of gestation, the abortions involved live babies.

“These are vulnerable, innocent children that homicide has been perpetrated on,” Vellacott said Thursday from Ottawa.

“The individuals who have perpetrated the breach of the Criminal Code should be charged and brought to justice.”

Velacott said he and his two colleagues do not believe the letter will embarrass the Conservative Party or Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He said they did not share the letter with Harper’s before sending it to the RCMP.

Velacott said all members of the government are staunch supporters of the Criminal Code.

“If we have a Criminal Code that is supposed to mean anything and be of value, then you need to have the enforcement of it.”

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