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Tiger Woods is sorry

In his first press conference since his affairs came to light, Woods promises to atone for his “repeated irresponsible behaviour”


In a contrite statement to reporters in Florida on Friday, Tiger Woods apologized for cheating on his wife and said he was dedicating himself to rebuilding his shattered family life. Woods revealed he has spent the past 45 days in “inpatient therapy” for his “repeated irresponsible behaviour.” “As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words; it will come from my behaviour over time,” he said. “We have a lot to discuss; however, what we say to each other will remain between the two of us.” The golf superstar also used his first press conference since his affairs came to light to insist the rumours of a violent confrontation between him and wife were false. “Elin never hit me that night or any other night. There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage, ever. Elin has shown enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. Elin deserves praise, not blame.” As for his future on the golf course, Woods wouldn’t say when he might return to the sport that made him one of the wealthiest athletes  the planet. “I don’t rule out that it will be this year,” he said, adding that “when I do return, I need to make my behaviour more respectful of the game.”


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