Tightrope walk over Niagara Falls scheduled for June 15

Nik Wallenda, the tightrope walker who has secured permission to cross over the Niagara Gorge, will do so on June 15, the Toronto Star reports.

Wallenda’s walk across a five-centimetre diameter high wire will begin on the US side of the falls and finish in Canada.

From the Star:

“Not only is it a dream but we had to change two laws in two countries that were over 100 years old,” Wallenda said. “This is clearly a once in a lifetime thing.”

Niagara Parks Commission chairwoman Janice Thomson had said the approval was a “unique one-time situation” and that Wallenda was able to prove he had proper controls and safety measures in place.

She also said the Commission would only consider requests for such events from skilled professionals once every 20 years.