Tom Marshall sworn in as interim premier for Newfoundland and Labrador

ST JOHNS, N.L. – Tom Marshall has been sworn in as the interim premier for Newfoundland and Labrador.

The finance minister takes over for Kathy Dunderdale, the province’s first female premier who announced Wednesday she was stepping down from that role and as leader of the province’s Progressive Conservatives.

Dunderdale’s resignation came amid questions about her leadership and pressure mounted after two members left the Tory caucus to join the Opposition Liberals.

A major flashpoint was public criticism over her handling of rolling power outages that left 190,000 customers without electricity at one point earlier this month.

Dunderdale has not said when she will leave politics altogether, though Marshall has said she will remain as a member of the legislature for a while but then “move on.”

Marshall, who has said he won’t seek re-election, will serve as acting premier until a new leader is chosen later this year.

The Tories have 34 seats in the legislature, the Liberals nine and the NDP three.

There are also two Independents.