Too hot for quilting

Quilter’s Home magazine is so controversial this month it has to be wrapped in plastic

When the latest issue of Quilter’s Home magazine went out, the editor, Mark Lipinski, knew it would raise a few eyebrows. (The cover line: “Shocking Quilts: We Show You the Controversial Patchwork”.) That’s why he spent $2,500 to have the magazines wrapped in plastic before they hit news stands. That, however, didn’t go far enough for the mega-chain store Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts, which still refused to carry the issue—denying its customers a chance to see quilts like “Helping Hands,” an ode to Viagra. Lipinski isn’t overly concerned, though. The magazine is on sale at other big stores, like Barnes & Noble. And there’s been no complaints from readers.

The Washington Post