Too meaty for marriage?

Nearly half of men would consider dumping their partner if she got fat

Ninety-one per cent of the 60,000 men who participated in the 2009 Great Male Survey (commissioned by Montreal-based said they believe in the institution of marriage. But it seems that belief is not strong enough to withstand a few extra pounds. Almost half of the survey’s respondents (48 per cent) admitted that they would consider dumping their partner if she put on weight. David Stevens, a single guy from Edmonton, is one of them. He said he’d probably bail on a relationship if a girlfriend gained 30 to 50 pounds. His rationale: health implications, of course. And the fact that Stevens is, by his own admission, “kinda superficial.” Canadian sociologist Anthony Synnott, however, suggests that men take a look in the mirror before doing anything drastic. “Most North Americans are (overweight) and about one-third are morbidly obese,” he notes. “In any event, 50 percent will probably get divorced anyway, fat or no fat.”

Vancouver Sun