Tories dismiss NRA, long-gun registry ties

Following Opposition allegations that gun lobby has had influence in debate

The Conservative government has dismissed allegations that the American lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, has been involved in efforts to abolish Canada’s long-gun registry. This followed a report by CBC News Monday that stated the NRA has been involved for more than a decade in trying to abolish Canada’s long-gun registry. In response to the news, David McGuinty, Liberal House leader, said Canadian politicians should debate the long-gun registry without the influence of the most powerful gun lobby in the world. He also asked the Prime Minister to disclose details of the “nudge-nudge, wink-wink relationship” between the NRA and Conservative MPs past and present, as well as staffers and party members. “Look, it’s an extremist group,” McGuinty said. “It takes the possession and use of firearms to an extreme level. Everyone knows that.” Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said the Liberal “conspiracy theory” attempts to “demonize” Canadians who have been already unfairly criminalized by the registry, reports the CBC.