Tornado confirmed in Southwestern Ontario -

Tornado confirmed in Southwestern Ontario

F1 Twister caused millions in damage


Leamington, Ontario, is still in a state of emergency as its residents begin cleaning up after a disastrous storm struck in the early morning on Sunday. The town of about 30,000, on the banks of Lake Erie, was hit by 175 km/h winds that knocked down countless trees, crushing cars, destroying roofs and causing what mayor John Adams estimates is millions of dollars in damage. “There’s a car buried under those trees there … it’s just amazing, the power!” said Frank Meloche, a resident of Leamington.  The community is left enduring a blackout that officials say could last for days, and the high winds gutted the town’s iconic greenhouses, which play major role in the local economy.  But, amazingly, no one was seriously injured, and Adams says the town will ask for support from the province in order to start rebuilding.


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