"Toronto 18" ringleader pleads guilty

Zakaria Amara was the mastermind of a bomb plot in downtown Toronto

For three years, he and his supporters insisted that he was the victim of an Islamaphobic conspiracy orchestrated by CSIS and the RCMP. But this morning, the young man who was so determined to kill innocent civilians and force the government to pull our troops from Afghanistan admitted the truth. Zakaria Amara, a 23-year-old Muslim and Canadian citizen, pleaded guilty to masterminding a bomb plot on Canadian soil. Of all the 18 suspects swept up in a major police raid three years ago, Amara was the biggest fish of all. He built a remote-controlled detonator, attempted to purchase three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, and worked with a small group of cohorts in carrying out their nefarious plan. A one-time cashier at a Canadian Tire gas station, Amara now faces the possibility of life behind bars.

CBC News

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