Toronto's Caribana parade-goers will be subject to searches -

Toronto’s Caribana parade-goers will be subject to searches


Spectators sitting in the bleachers at one of Toronto’s biggest summer events, the Caribana parade, will be subject to searches this year, a new security add-on in response to concerns about gun violence in the city.

Stephen Weir, Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto organizer and spokesperson, says that violence has happened at the parade before, but the searches are to address broader public concerns.

From The Globe and Mail:

“We are doing it because of the concerns that really are out there about our event, from people that aren’t going to be at our event,” Mr. Weir said. “It’s not a big thing to search bags but if it would make people feel better, we certainly would do it.”

There will also be increased security presence throughout the parade route. The move comes a week after the Danzig St. shooting, the largest mass shooting in Toronto’s history, that left two dead and 23 injured.

At last year’s Caribana, Kevin Murray was fatally shot by police during Caribana after allegedly robbing people downtown at gunpoint.





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