Toronto's mayor gets another big legal victory -

Toronto’s mayor gets another big legal victory


Rob Ford is on a big winning streak with his legal battles. The Mayor of Toronto found out Monday that he will not face any charges after an auditor allegedly found discrepancies in his campaign finances from the 2010 election.

The city’s compliance audit committee voted 2-1 in Ford’s favour, opting against any prosecution.

“It’s a great day for democracy,” Ford said after the decision was announced. “Any time there was a doubt, we asked for clarification from election officials and we followed exactly what they said.” He did not take any questions afterwards.

An audit from his 2010 election campaign found that he exceeded spending by $40,168, which is approximately three per cent over his authorized limit, as well as other violations.

Ford’s lawyers have had plenty of work so far 2013. The mayor won an appeal in January, overturning a conflict of interest ruling that could have kicked him out from office.



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