Total number of Canadians in Libya evacuated by Ottawa: zero

Canadians hitching rides with other countries

While many Canadians have managed to find their own way out of the chaos consuming Libya, the Department of Foreign Affairs has not yet evacuated a single person from the country. Poor coordination and delays have reportedly led to a charter plane leaving Libya empty, while Canadians have managed to hitch rides on other countries’ planes. So far, other countries have evacuated 177 Canadians from Libya, with 26 Canadians departing on a U.S. boat to nearby Malta. Meanwhile, a thousand employees of the Quebec-based company SNC Lavalin have successfully been bused from Benghazi to Cairo. A second flight chartered by Canada was booked to depart on Friday, but Foreign Affairs has warned anyone who has not yet made it to Tripoli International Airport should not attempt to get there, given the indiscriminate violence being targeting against civilians in the capital.

CBC News

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