Trust in soldiers surges: poll

But most professions see a decline

A poll on the degree to which various professionals are trusted this year, compared with 2003, found declines for the most trusted occupations. Trust in pharmacists declined 25 percentage points to 66 per cent, while trust in doctors dropped 22 points to 23 per cent. “There has generally been a steady decline in the reputations of just about every institution and profession,” said Ipsos Ried polster Darrell Bricker. An exception: soldiers saw their trust level rise to 68 per cent, 11 points better than in 2003, although police officers were down 18 points to 55 per cent. And high-profile white-collar crime stories of recent years apparently didn’t change Canadians’ view of their financial advisors, who remained trusted by an unchanged 40 per cent.

Montreal Gazette

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