'Can we start speculation that Mark Carney will become the next doctor on Doctor Who'

Tweeps offer their two cents as Mark Carney makes change


Twitter says goodbye to Mark Carney

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Mark Carney, Canada’s current top central banker, will be crossing the Atlantic next year to become the Governor of the Bank of England. The news came as a shock to many on Monday when Bank of England Chancellor George Osborne announced that Carney would replace Sir Mervyn King starting July 2013.
The next @BankofEngland governor will be Mark Carney, current governor of Bank of Canada #BofEBBC Breaking News
Canadian Mark Carney appointed Bank of England governor. Wow. A non-UK citizen, bit of a shock.Fredrik Tunvall
Canadian Mark Carney becomes first non-British Governor of the Bank of England #MailOnline BUTT
A first look at tomorrow’s Scotsman and Mark Carney, the Canadian who is to be the new governor of the Bank of England Rose
Mark Carney as new BoE Governor is a shock but probably a good oneElevation Group UK
Congratulations to Mark Carney on his appointment as Governor of the Bank of England: #cdnpoliStephen Harper
Mark Carney gets governor of the Bank of England…was hoping it was a hoax #Carney4PMBrad Chubbs
Mark Carney called a central banking "rockstar". Yes, that’s what’s happened to the term "rockstar".Dom Caruso
Mark Carney’s ambitions were too big for the Bank of Canada, plus London isn’t a bad place either : ) #cdnpoliClaudia Lemire
If John Ivison is right, we traded Mark Carney for Justin Trudeau. What a freaking country. Gardner
Headline on The Sun: Headbanger to Head Banker, Heavy metal fan Mark Carney to run Bank of England Vieira
Ha ha "A CANADIAN heavy metal fan was yesterday picked as the first foreigner to run the Bank of England" Jones
A few Tweets were also dedicated, in jest, to other recent surprise annoucements, as well as Carney’s aesthetic appeal.
Two shock appointments in one week: Mark Carney to the Bank of England and Benitez to Chelsea. What next?Yusuf Yassin
Just heard that BOC Gov. Mark Carney’s gonna head the BOE next year. Hmm… Reminds me of Lebron’s big move to Miami!Cyclopip
I really think that whoever replaces Mark Carney should redesign our banknotes to this.. #letsbehonest Morton
Mark Carney chosen as Governor of the Bank of England. First George Clooney lookalike as BofE Governor.Tim Harford
I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight because now in my dreams Mark Carney will have an english accent. #naughtyenglandSuzanne
Mark Carney – Governor of the Bank of England? What will Daily Mail readers be thinking during the next recession… Hanlon
Rob Ford is out as T.O. Mayor and Mark Carney is leaving Bank of Canada. Just 1 day after Bieber’s halftime show. Has to be a connection.Keith Baldrey
Good for Mark Carney. And good for Justin Bieber, too, for that matter.chames thomas
The news went unnoticed in many Toronto circles, however, as a judge ruled that Toronto mayor Rob Ford will be forced out of office due to a conflict of interest case.
Mark Carney is leaving and all anybody can talk about is Rob Ford.Stephanie H
Two Canadian public servants in the news today: Mark Carney, Rob Ford. Guess which one graduated from Harvard.D.MAXWELL
Rob Ford out of office and Mark Carney leaving Bank of Canada should NOT be announced on the same day. I don’t know how to feel anymore!!Shannon Zimmerman
Breaking news, Rob Ford to replace Mark Carney at the Bank of Canada.Bob Rae
So the stage is now set for Mayor Rob Ford to replace Mark Carney as Bank of Canada governor! Great! TIMING! SYNERGY!!! #CDNpoli #TOpolifumano
So…Ford is out. Carney is gone. And Toronto has a championship team. It’s a strange new world.Rob Rombouts

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