Tweeps prepare for the end of the world

Aaron Hutchins finds out who is saying what — while they can

Twitter prepares for #Mayans end of the world

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With yet another apocalypse approaching, this time “predicted” by the end of the Mayan calender on Dec. 21, 2012, people over the world preparing for doomsday.
Join me at my End of the World party, tomorrow. Programme enclosed #Mayans #apocalypse Issidorides
Since the world ends tomorrow, let me list all my grievances & desires now. First, I’ve always wanted to…darn, out of characters. #mayansDavid Aldridge
2013? Ain’t nobody got time for that. #mayansWorkingBarbie
Stinking Mayan Meteorologist! Connor – This plunging Dow futures chart eerily consistent with Mayan predictions…Joshua Green
The approaching end was trending on Twitter all day, where crazy predictions and silly confessions were the norm online.
If tonight’s headlines read "Bobcats snap 11 game losing streak with W over the Lakers" world might be ending sooner than we think #MayansSerena Winters
I farted on a plane once and it was so bad the people around me started coughing and I pretended I was asleep. #EndOfTheWorldConfessionsFrankie James Grande
"There was some salad dressing in the back of my fridge and the sell by date was 21/12/12. I think it was Mayannaise." omg hahahahah #mayansJoey
Well, the Apocalypse is here and it’s just as I envisioned: me sitting alone eating cereal and watching Christmas With the Kranks #MayansDan Milbrand
#EndOfTheWorldConfessions: The end of the world is real… Just look at what’s happening in Australia right now
And when midnight struck for those in Asia and Oceania, there was little change in the world.
New Zealand right now it’s Friday 21st December. Guess what? The world is still in one piece! Sorry doom-mongers you were wrong #MayansNik & Eva Speakman
BREAKING NEWS: New Zealand is fine, so far. #Mayans Alper
I cant wait to tell my kids one day how many times I survived the end of the world. #endoftheworld #mayans #2012Connor Jewett

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