Brits compare Mark Carney to George Clooney and Don Draper

Tweeps love incoming Bank of England governor

Tweeps: We (heart) Mark Carney

Is he more like Don Draper or George Clooney? The soon-to-be governor of the Bank of England got a warm reception on Twitter as he appeared before a British parliamentary committee.

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Mark Carney drinking tea. I want to be that cup. #Carney #BOE not caring ツ
That’s our #Carney, Canada. @LoisMcEwan @IanDunt Suspiciously handsome, as if he’s wandered in off the set of Mad Men.kady o’malley
Finally motivated to get out of bed, as @S8mB tweeted Mark Carney is on a select committee. He will be the fittest Governor ever. Yum. #BOEHappy not caring ツ
Just to compare, here are the last three Bank of England governors prior to Carney.
Mervyn Allister King (current):
Edward Alan John George:
Robin Leigh-Pemberton:
By comparison, Carney may just be the “fittest.” Still, is camp Clooney taking it a bit too far?
Is it me or does Mark Carney have a touch of George Clooney about him? #CarneyPhilip Jacobs
Definitely a little bit of the George Clooney about Mark #Carney.Sarah D
#Carney is charming and his resemblance to Clooney is rather endearing.Nush
Carney’s appeal seems to be working on the politicians, too, notes Sky News economics editor Ed Conway.
Sitting right behind Carney so can’t see his facial expression, but based on those of the MPs I think he’s doing a good job of charming themEd Conway
And his sartorial choices pleased the crowd.
Mark Carney well turned out, despite lateness: Nice suit, good hair, handsome, pensive, relatively plain-speaking.Ian Dunt
Mark Carney is wearing loafers #tsc #BoE #theguvnor #sartorial #news #breaking #wtfVincent Carroll
Well, not everyone loved Carney on Thursday morning. Here’s The Financial Times with charts, reality, and evidence of a potential housing-market crash in Canada as soon as Carney leaves the country.
RT @FinancialTimes: A potential house market crash in Canada hangs over Mark #Carney: Estabrooks

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