Two dead, dozens jailed for watching World Cup

Islamists enforce their ban on Somalis watching the soccer tournament

Masked gunmen shot and killed two people and detained ten others on Saturday during a raid of a house in a neighborhood of Mogadishu, Somalia, where a group was watching the World Cup. A member of one Islamist group later said the watching of the World Cup is anti-Islamic, CNN reports. Eyewitness Aisha Abdi said the militants “stormed into the house” and fired upon the World Cup watchers, and suspects the Islamist group al-Shabaab. However, neither al-Shabaab nor the militant group Hizbul Islam have claimed responsibility. The latter group has detained some 30 World Cup fans in Afgoye, an agricultural town 30 km south of Mogadishu. night. Spokesman Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Aros told the press, “football is an inheritance from the primitive infidels… and we are directing a final warning to those who want to watch it.”

CNN International