U.S. special education case could have sweeping implications

Supreme court set to determine when taxpayers should foot private school bill

If parents of special education students enroll their kids in private school, when should taxpayers foot the bill? This is the conundrum currently before the U.S. Supreme Court, which is set to rule on a case that could have sweeping financial implications for public school districts and families. This particular case involves an Oregon high school student whose parents put him in private school after his public school failed to identify him as special needs, or provide extra help. The decision is one that a group of parents in Ontario, who have launched a constitutional challenge, claiming that deaf, blind and learning-disabled kids are discriminated against in private, faith-based schools, will likely be watching closely. Currently, the Ministry of Health covers medical conditions and defers funding for educational needs to the provincial Ministry of Education, which only funds these costs in public schools.

The New York Times

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