UK government releases "Bloody Sunday" report

David Cameron comments on "shocking conclusions" from decade-long probe

A 5,000 page report on the “Bloody Sunday” deaths of 13 men in Northern Ireland was released Tuesday after a decade-long investigation. The Saville Report looks at the January 30, 1972 killings of Catholic demonstrators by British soldiers, which still ranks as Northern Ireland’s largest mass killing by UK troops. Al Jazeera reports that the release of this document—the result of an initiative by the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to respond to pressure from victims’ families—will conclude the most costly probe in UK legal history (about $285 million). Mickey McKinney, a brother of one of the victims, said the British army and government must be held accountable: “We want the truth—a declaration of innocence and a recommendation that those responsible are prosecuted.”

Al Jazeera English