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Urge to merge unpopular with Canadians: poll

Canadians give thumbs down to notion of merger between Liberals and NDP


A new Ipsos Reid poll has found that Canadians oppose the idea of a Liberal-NDP merger, a notion that floated around Parliament Hill this week.  About 56 per cent of voters think the merger is a “bad idea,” while only 30 per cent think it’s a good idea, with 14 per cent unsure, according to Canwest News Service. The poll also found that 55 per cent of Liberal supporters and 49 per cent of NDP supporters didn’t like the idea. And a perhaps unsurprising 75 per cent of Conservative supporters rejected the notion. “The real issue that you have here is the faithful, the party faithful . . . are saying no, we don’t want to merge,” said John Wright, senior vice-president at Ipsos Reid. “It’s not perceived as a good idea by voters and it seems unnecessary when the numbers really haven’t changed that much.”


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