Victoria fashion event draws the attention of Vogue

Fashion magazine threatens a law suit for breach of their trademark name

A local Victoria fashion event nearly became the target of a lawsuit by fashion giant Vogue magazine for breach of one of their trademark names. “Victoria Fashion’s Night Out,” said Vogue, was much too similar to their “Fashion’s Night Out” held in New York City last year. Late Wednesday, the night before the event, organizers received a letter from Vogue lawyers threatening a lawsuit if the name wasn’t changed immediately. “Our client did not consent to use of its ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ trade-mark by your organization or its members and is extremely concerned by this unauthorized use of its intellectual property,” read a letter from Leigh Walters of the Toronto-based firm Sim Lowman Ashton and McKay. The organizers of the show were amused. Tiffiny Dobson, who participated in the event, said, “To think Vogue is worried about us having this kind of event is kind of intimidating but at the same time great. It’s flattering and good exposure for the event and Victoria fashion.” The name of the event has since been changed to “Victoria’s Fashion Night.”

Times Colonist