Victoria's scam artist caught

Scotland Yard arrests Frank Hertel, after a two-decade long game of international cat and mouse

When Frank Hertel burst onto the scene in Victoria in 1984, he embodied the city’s ambition to become a major high tech hub. His International Electronics Corp., claimed to be churning out numerous innovations, like data communication devices, while he went about buying up local real estate. Barely a year later, Revenue Canada claimed Hertel owed $33 million in back taxes, and when he was charged with tax evasion the next year he fled to Venezuela. So began a two-decade long game of international cat and mouse, which ended this week when Scotland Yard detectives, acting on behalf of the RCMP and Interpol, arrested Hertel on a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport. Despite how much time has passed since his alleged fraud, the Department of Justice has said it’s willing to seek the 72-year-old disgraced businessman’s extradition to face charges in Canada.

Times Colonist